Liberation Travel

Unlock Boundless Horizons with Liberation Travel


Each destination offers its own unique advantages tailored to different aspirations. Dive deep into our residency options to find the one that aligns perfectly with your lifestyle, financial goals, and preferences. Whether you're seeking tropical escapes, financial havens, or European charm, your next journey begins here.

About Us

At Liberation Travel, we are not your average travel agency. We are a dynamic group of travel hackers, crypto enthusiasts and entrepreneurs who share a deep passion for exploring the world while empowering others to experience the joy of true freedom. Liberation Travel offers you a unique all-inclusive liberation and adventure plan, designed to provide you with an exciting experience during your week-long visit, while also assisting you in obtaining permanent residency (and potentially citizenship/passport after a certain period of time) in your chosen destination, along with facilitating the opening of a local bank account.


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