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At Liberation Travel, we are not your average travel agency. We are a dynamic group of travel hackers, crypto enthusiasts, and entrepreneurs who share a deep passion for exploring the world while empowering others to experience the joy of true freedom. Liberation Travel offers you the liberation & adventure all-inclusive plan in Panama during three one-week visits, which will help you to get Panamanian permanent residency (and potentially your Panamanian citizenship/passport after five years).


  • Panama is a territorial tax jurisdiction, with taxes levied only on local Panamanian income.
  • There is no taxation in Panama on foreign income, including capital gains.
  • To obtain permanent residency in Panama, one must purchase a property worth at least $200,000 USD.
  • Panama does not have its own currency; the official currency is the US dollar (USD).
  • Panama has double tax treaties with many European countries.
  • EU residency offers various benefits, including exemption from compulsory military service and health and social security obligations.
  • Individuals can choose a global international health insurance plan that suits their needs.
  • The management of European companies is still possible in most countries, with options such as the “alternative authenticator for foreign residents” in Slovakia.
  • There are no typical EU business restrictions, such as cash limits, and Panama avoids typical Latin American problems such as mild inflation and protectionism, making it easier to do business worldwide.


  • Airfare from Europe to Panama City for three separate visits
  • Accommodation in 5-star luxury hotels in Panama City for three weeks
  • Authentic hammock accommodation in San Blas, Bocas del Toro
  • Guidance in your home country to obtain all the necessary documentation for permanent residency
  • Medical examination, passport registration, residency and multiple exit visa applications
  • Visit to the most beautiful highlights in Panama (San Blas, Bocas del Toro, Panama City tropical forests)
  • Advice on cancelling your permanent residency in your home country, including related insurances
  • Advice on obtaining international global health insurance



Preparation of the work permit (for three years). In order to obtain a residence permit, the applicant and his employee must apply to the Ministry of Labour and Labour Development for a work permit, which authorises the applicant to work in the national territory.


Certificate from the Public Registry of Panama that proves the ownership of the real estate, in the personal capacity of the applicant, with a minimum value of two hundred thousand Balboas (B/.200,000.00), an operation that can be financed by a local bank.


During your first visit to Panama, you can enjoy luxury accommodation in a 5 star hotel in the centre of Panama City with a delicious breakfast and all the necessary facilities.



You will need to register your passport at the immigration office (note: Panamanian officials have a dress code - no shorts, T-shirts or sandals, even though it can be super hot outside).


For document preparation we need your passport (so it is a good idea to have two). Our immigration attorney will make a complete photocopy of your passport (including a copy of the Panamanian immigration registration stamp page) and have it certified by a notary public in Panama.


We will present all your documents to the immigration office through our immigration lawyer. We only need your passport, which will be returned to you on the same or next working day.


On the last day you will have to go to the Panamanian immigration office with our lawyer. They will take your photo and you will receive a "Temporary Resident Card" which is valid for 6 months (you must make the next visit to Panama to extend it to 10 years). After this process we still need your passport to get multiple entry/exit visas (it is a good idea to have a second passport or a photocopy of it).


Our solicitor will use your passport to obtain multiple entry/exit visas. This process can take up to 3 working days. This must be done before you leave Panama. If you leave Panama without the multiple entry/exit visas, you may be fined $2000 USD.


You will receive your passport back with valid multiple entry/exit visas. You are ready to leave the country and return for your permanent residence card.


The most pleasant part of your visit is the last one – to pick up your permanentThe most enjoyable part of your visit is the last – picking up your Permanent Residency Card for 10 years. The only thing you have to do is sign your new card and then you can enjoy the most adventurous trip in San Blas. residency card for 10 years. The only thing you have to do is to sign your new card and it is a time to enjoy the best adventurous trip in San Blas.

Frequently Asked Questions

Of course it is. We give excellent feedback to all the countries whose people have decided to give up their permanent residency and prefer the Panamanian one. If a lot of people decide to change their permanent residency, then there is something wrong with their home countries. And it is a clear signal to their governments to do something to be more attractive to all these people.
Of course not. With our travel agency we visit the poorest parts of Panama – San Blas with the indigenous tribes. These people help us a lot and we give them a fair price for their work to improve their lives. We are doing a socially responsible business and helping the poorest.
After Chile, Panama is one of the safest countries in Latin America. There are some less safe places (such as Colon) where it is not advisable to go, but usually there is no reason to visit these places.
If you are a citizen of the following countries (“Panama friendly list”), then definitely yes. The list contains several countries.
  1. The apostille of the criminal record translated into Spanish.
  2. Your passport (make a copy). We recommend that you have two passports if your home country supports this.
  3. Your second identity document (national identity card, driving licence).
  4. Approximately eight passport size photographs of yourself.
  5. Original bank reference letter addressed to the bank in Panama where you are applying to open the account (it is better to apply to several of our recommended banks at the same time). We will send you the template. This letter should be issued within three months of the account application date and must include an email or phone number of the issuing bank so that the bank in Panama can confirm the letter.
  6. Annual tax return (from you or your company), letter of employment or retirement income document (any document that proves your monthly source of income). This requirement is critical as the bank needs to know how you make money or the source of your funds to be deposited into the account.
  7. Two references from customers or business partners.
  8. Your curriculum vitae describing your education and work history.
  9. Your degree certificate (if you have one).
  10. Letter addressed to the bank explaining the purpose of opening the account, what banking services will be required such as current / savings account, debit card, credit card, online banking, etc., the estimated monthly deposits, withdrawals.
  11. The name of your company.
  12. The nature of your business (we can help you with this).
  13. The scope of services offered by the company. The detailed personal details of the owners, shareholders, all company representatives.
We do not work for politicians or politically exposed persons. We therefore reserve the right to carry out background checks on our clients.
Absolutely. Both countries are on the “Panama friendly list”. In addition, the Czech Republic has signed a double taxation treaty with Panama.
If you give up your permanent and tax residency in your home country, with your Panamanian permanent residency and company, you have no obligation to pay any taxes on your personal foreign income, as well as on your Panamanian company income if you have non-Panamanian clients. Both permanent travellers and crypto holders can appreciate this.
If you choose to be an employee of the Panamanian company, then yes. The owners are not required to have health insurance.
If you are travelling from Europe, no. However, yellow fever vaccination is strongly recommended, especially if you plan to visit Panama’s neighbouring countries.
Not really. Just no shorts, T-shirts, sandals or jeans. Black trousers and a decent shirt are fine.
You will need to pay for each visit in advance according to our price list. If you pay for all three visits at once, you will receive a 10% discount for the whole trip. You will also need to have at least USD 6000 in your Panamanian bank account to obtain the “balance confirmation” required by the immigration office. After this confirmation, you can do with your money as you wish.
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