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Embark on a journey of knowledge, inspiration and discovery through our thoughtfully curated blog. Here we delve into the worlds of travel, adventure, entrepreneurship and the quest for liberation. Our articles offer valuable insights, practical tips and personal stories to fuel your wanderlust, equip you with the tools you need for adventure, and guide you on the path to global exploration and personal freedom.

Time for health tourism! A personal experience of Georgian healthcare
EU healthcare – a little music for a lot of money I remember the year I paid €7000 in health levies...
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New Liberation Travel Hacks Month-letter
July 6, 2024 Liberation Travel Hacks 07/2024 (CZSK) July 6, 2024 Liberation...
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Time for the best bank account (not just for crypto/digital nomads)
Bank of Georgia SOLO Premium Bank Account Review You may be unable to open a bank account without residency...
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Liberstad: Voluntaryist experiment in southern Norway
Why anarchy? Because anything else would be uncivilized.” This famous statement by Jeffrey Tucker...
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Why you should use all legal ways to avoid paying taxes
Not paying taxes is not immoral, but continuing to pay them until you don’t have to is immoral Even...
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Protect your financial privacy: 7 reasons why you need a Georgian bank account
  At Liberation.Travel we will open it for you remotely! ·        Do you want a bank account...
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Digital Nomadism vs. the State: the struggle for tax jurisdiction in a digital world
The world is constantly going digital, and technology allows us to cross borders like never before (it’s...
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Atlas (again) shrugs his shoulders: How incompetent bureaucrats are destroying (European) society
Warning: This article contains targeted generalisations about regulators, bureaucrats, judges, trade...
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Uruguay - a safe haven in difficult times
“Urugua” means “river snail” in the indigenous Guaraní language. “Y”...
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The Global Opportunist's Handbook
How and where best to decentralize Putting the “flag theory” into practice is the goal of...
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How crypto pioneers became crypto refugees
How the state in the Czech Republic and Slovakia killed crypto A few days ago, I realized that most of...
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Practical tips for your trip to Asuncion, Paraguay - what to see, do, eat and try
Asunción has become (unexpectedly) a centre of interest for a certain group of Slovaks and Czechs who...
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Crypto offshore revival: Exiting regulatory-tax hell
The author of the excellent book The Offshore Road To Riches has been devoted to offshore business and...
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The Mission of
Four months ago we launched Paraguayan permanent residencies at Liberation.Travel, and we have already...
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