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Ready to step into a world where your financial privacy is valued? Join us on a venture into Georgia's banking system – an ideal blend of innovation, and crypto-friendliness.

About Us

At Liberation Travel, we are not your average travel agency. We are a dynamic group of travel hackers, crypto enthusiasts, and entrepreneurs who share a deep passion for exploring the world while empowering others to experience the joy of true freedom. 

Liberation Travel offers you the liberation & adventure all-inclusive plan in Paraguay during just a one-week visit which helps you to get the Paraguayan permanent residency (and potentially your Paraguayan citizenship/passport after three years) as well as the Paraguayan bank account.


Georgia is renowned not only for its delightful cuisine, rejuvenating Borjomi mineral water, and picturesque landscapes but also as Europe’s current beacon of capitalism. With free trade zones, minimized business taxes, and a crypto-friendly approach, this country stands out as a top banking destination. At Liberation Travel, we believe that banking in Georgia offers unparalleled advantages, and here’s why:
  1. Privacy First:
    • The Global Edge: Unlike many countries caught in the web of the CRS (Common Reporting Standard), Georgia offers a high level of financial privacy protection until at least 2024.
    • There are no citizenship restrictions when it comes to bank account opening in Georgia!
  1. Multi-currency Accounts:
    • Diverse Currency Choices: Automatically hold accounts in USD, EUR, GBP, and GEL (Georgian Lari).
    • Zero Conversion Fees: Pay in the Eurozone? Amounts get debited directly from your Euro account, ensuring you aren’t burdened with conversion charges.
  1. Speed and Efficiency:
    • Instantaneous Transactions: Experience banking at the speed of light with instant in-country transfers.
    • Virtual Card Perks: Like Revolut, the Bank of Georgia enables the creation of virtual Visa or Mastercard debit cards, compatible with Apple and Google Pay.
  1. Crypto-friendly Environment:
    • Zero Crypto Tax: Georgia offers a 0% tax on crypto transactions for its residents.
    • No Hurdles: Unlike other countries, Georgian banks won’t block your account during crypto transactions.
  1. Support from Georgia’s Largest Crypto Exchange:
    • Comprehensive Support: Both of Georgia’s top banks, Bank of Georgia and TBC Bank, are supported by the country’s largest exchange,
    • Instantaneous Withdrawals: Convert crypto to fiat and see it reflect immediately in your Georgian bank account.
  1. Enhanced Security with DIGIPASS:
    • Step-up Authentication: Bolster your account’s security by activating DIGIPASS, a 2FA app from the Bank of Georgia.
  1. Hassle-free Remote Account Opening:
    • Sit Back and Relax: With Liberation.Travel, you can now open a bank account in Georgia without ever leaving your home country. From signing Power of Attorney to receiving your payment card, we handle everything remotely, ensuring a secure and smooth process.


  1. Sign and Complete Documents: Begin by signing and completing a Power of Attorney (PoA) that authorizes us, Liberation.Travel, to open a bank account on your behalf. Also, fill out the Bank of Georgia electronic KYC document.
  2. Send Us Your Details: Provide us with your mobile number (to be linked with the bank account) and the delivery address for your AMEX (or other) card.
  3. Document Apostille: We will apostilize your PoA and passport, ensuring the documents are internationally recognized.
  4. Courier to Tbilisi: Your apostilled documents, along with a certified copy of your passport, will be safely couriered to Tbilisi, Georgia.
  5. Account Opening: Upon receiving your documents in Georgia, we’ll open your bank account with the Bank of Georgia.
  6. Card Collection and Delivery: A few days after the account is opened, we’ll collect your payment card (typically AMEX standard) and courier it securely to your provided address.
  7. Secure Transactions: All crucial transactions during this process will require SMS confirmation from your mobile number, ensuring maximum security.
  8. Set Up Two-Factor Authentication: Once you have your bank details and card, activate two-factor authentication via the Bank of Georgia Digipass mobile app for added security.
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Frequently Asked Questions

We believe in providing legitimate services that are in line with international and local laws. Our goal is to facilitate easier access to the benefits Georgia offers while respecting the country’s regulations.

Our services aim to make financial privacy and the benefits of Georgian banking accessible to a wide range of clients. While some may view our offerings as more beneficial for those with significant funds, we believe everyone deserves financial freedom and privacy.

Georgia is known for its rich history, hospitable people, and beautiful landscapes. While no country is without its challenges, Georgia has a stable political environment and is generally safe for residents and tourists alike.

Our process has been streamlined to make opening a Georgian bank account as simple and hassle-free as possible, even remotely. However, it’s essential to provide all the necessary documentation to ensure a smooth experience.

You’ll primarily need a signed Power of Attorney (PoA) and the Bank of Georgia’s electronic KYC document. Additionally, we’ll apostilize and send a certified copy of your passport.

Our services are available to individuals from most countries. However, there might be restrictions based on international regulations or specific country sanctions.

Absolutely! Georgia is crypto-friendly, and its banks offer significant financial privacy, making it an attractive option for travelers, digital nomads, and cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

You don’t necessarily need to visit Georgia regularly to maintain your bank account, especially with our remote account opening service. However, regular check-ins with the bank or any necessary documentation updates are recommended.

No, having a Georgian bank account doesn’t automatically obligate you to pay for healthcare insurance in the country.

There are no mandatory vaccinations required for travel to Georgia. However, it’s always a good idea to check current travel advisories and consult with a healthcare professional about recommended vaccines or precautions.

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