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Dear friends,
global opportunism is more urgent than ever in a time of global, increasing centralization and state control. 
Decentralizing various aspects of our lives into many countries reduces our economic oppression and increases the accessibility and quality of services. Liberalizing technologies like Bitcoin Lightning and other anonymous cryptocurrencies protect us from snooping and unwanted transaction intervention.
But I consider neither liberalizing technologies nor global services most important.
The strong community of our Paraguayan clients and friends has emerged over the past few years and has brought tremendous know-how to the Liberation Travel project. Thanks to our Signal groups of global opportunists, digital nomads and active Paraguayan residents, we share many valuable experiences.
Since this information was getting too much and it would be a great shame if it got lost, I started a monthly newsletter, Liberation Travel Hacks, intending to publish it regularly every month.
Liberation Travel Hacks is an extract of the most helpful information in our groups over the last month, including other interesting, relevant information that has come to me from other social channels and groups.
Due to the public nature of this monthly newsletter, I will anonymize any sensitive information.
I would appreciate further dissemination and feedback if you enjoy this monthly newsletter.
Similarly, if you think something should not be missing from a future month-letter, please feel free to let me know.
I wish you a pleasant reading.
Liberation Travel Team

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