New in Paraguay: Key Updates

Nestled in the heart of South America, Paraguay stands out as a haven for digital nomads and global opportunists aiming to break free from conventional fiscal systems and centralized state control. Explore the most recent advancements and opportunities that Paraguay presents, particularly appealing to those involved with cryptocurrency and desiring greater autonomy.

Banking and Financial Services

Paraguay is facilitating an easier way for foreigners to engage with its banking systems. Limited bank accounts, which allow transactions up to $1,000 per month, can be opened remotely with a Paraguayan cédula and IP address. Notable banks like UENO, ITAU, Banco Familiar, Banco Continental, and Banco Atlas offer these services through mobile apps, easing the process for residents and non-residents alike. For those looking to remove limitations and open a USD account simultaneously, declaring income in Paraguay is necessary.

Technological Adaptations and Utilities

Paraguay is not only adapting to the digital world through banking. Starlink’s expansion has reached Paraguay, enhancing internet accessibility and speed across the country. Additionally, PedidosYa stands out as the leading food delivery app, not just in Paraguay but across Latin America, with alternatives like Monchis providing purely local services.


For digital nomads, consistent and reliable communication is key. Paraguay offers the ability for foreigners to remotely obtain a mobile number from Claro with just a scan of their cédula. Claro also supports the activation of eSIM cards via an online chat, which simplifies staying connected without needing physical SIM card swaps.

Living and Recreational Services

Asunción, the heart of Paraguay, offers a variety of lifestyle and recreational options. For those looking to stay fit, the national pool offers monthly passes, while Thrifty provides affordable car rentals. Learning Spanish is convenient with institutions like Hispana Paraguay Spanish School or IDIPAR Spanish School offering competitive rates.

Health and Legal Services

Navigating the health and legal systems in Paraguay is made easier through Liberation Travel’s support. Whether it’s handling bureaucratic processes like obtaining a driving license or residency card or accessing private health services efficiently, expatriates and nomads have structured support.

Cryptocurrency Ecosystem

The cryptocurrency landscape in Paraguay is thriving with the presence of local and international exchanges like Globiance and Bitso, allowing transactions via Paraguayan cédula. The integration of crypto payments into everyday transactions is further facilitated by apps and platforms accommodating these needs.

Cultural Integration and Opportunities

Paraguay’s warm embrace towards expatriates is evident from the growing community of global opportunists. Events like the Crypto Summit Del Sur in Ciudad del Este exemplify the integration of the nomadic lifestyle with Paraguay’s local culture and economic activities.


Paraguay offers a compelling proposition for those looking to optimize their tax positions, enjoy a decentralized lifestyle, and engage with a supportive community of like-minded individuals. From banking and telecommunications to health services and community engagement, Paraguay stands out as a prime destination for digital nomads and crypto enthusiasts. The country not only provides the technological infrastructure to support such lifestyles but also ensures a community framework that enhances the living experience of its residents.

For anyone considering a move to Paraguay or exploring the possibilities of a nomadic lifestyle supported by cryptocurrency and remote services, the opportunities are ripe and inviting in this vibrant South American nation.