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Four months ago we launched Paraguayan permanent residencies at Liberation.Travel, and we have already been contacted by hundreds of people who are seriously considering canceling their permanent residency from Slovakia/Czech Republic and other countries. There have also been many who even consider this service immoral or urge us to change things for the better “in Slovakia”, not to “kidnap” citizens to Paraguay or Panama.

In the following article, I will try to explain the mission of Liberation.Travel is and why we do it out of conviction and want to help people to liberate themselves in a real way.

The origins of oppression

Oppression arises when you are in a unilaterally involuntary relationship and for various reasons (such as financial) you are unable to leave that relationship.

It does not matter if it is an abused wife who, because of her financial or existential dependence on her husband, is unable to leave him. Whether it’s a businessman who, because he can’t afford it, can’t go into business in another freer country and therefore has to endure the local tyranny of bureaucrats in the form of nonsensical regulations and high taxes from his overlord.

The tyrant husband or local ruler can only afford the tyranny in the long run because they are aware that it is difficult, expensive, or otherwise complicated to leave.

The fact that businessmen in Slovakia literally allow themselves to be jumped on and accept without grumbling any official hallucination in the form of yet another meaningless obligation or new tax is due to the fact that most of them find it expensive and difficult to go abroad to do business.
The fact that permanent residents accept mandatory military service, mandatory health, and social security contributions, or the obligation to participate in enforced collectivist actions such as a census or mandatory COVID-19 testing, is due to the fact that the cost of canceling permanent residency and obtaining new permanent residency in a free country is an expensive, bureaucratic, and complicated process. Most people just really don’t have the nerve to do it.

The only reason a tyrant can afford tyranny is because of the high cost of leaving (“exit costs”).

The mission of Liberation.Travel

Liberation.Travel’s mission is to reduce exit costs so that the greatest number of people for whom economic and personal freedom is important can afford to leave.

This does not mean getting rid of the monarch completely – unfortunately, in today’s world, which is divided into authoritarian states, this is no longer possible. But you can switch to one that will simply treat you better. This can be done for any aspect of your life. If you don’t like something simply vote with your feet and go to those who treat you better.

Leave as the ultimate solution

I’ve already discussed the importance of “walking away” when you’re unhappy with something in more detail in my article, A Voter’s Remorse: The Power of the Vote and the Power of Leaving.
To argue that it is immoral to use all global legal options to minimize state oppression is absurd. Indeed, morality does not exist in the case of a state that criminalizes people for new victimless crimes with its monopoly on violence.
For the state, there is only legality, i.e. the law.

And you, as a human being, can (and should) use all legal mechanisms to reduce your oppression.

Just as the leave of customers should be seen as a warning signal to a company that something is wrong, so the leave of residents from the country should be seen by the state as a signal that it does not see its residents (especially tax residents) as good clients and is not providing adequate service for the given money. On the contrary, it overwhelms them with extra obligations that do not exist with competitors.

At Liberation.Travel, we believe in the power of “opt-out” as a solution to minimize oppression. And we are happy to guide you to those who will treat you better.

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